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Fleetis Originals

Challenge your Imagination with Fleetis Design Originals.
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Challenge your imagination. Start or Enhance Your Art Collection? Give the Gift of Imagination?

A word from the designer:

I created F. O. Designs just for fun!

It started out as a 7th grade class assignment to learn geometry, and help aid with understanding algebraic math and assorted equations circa the late 60’s.


Just after high school circa early 1970’s; I was having a rough time with understanding my frustrations of the Vietnam War; the Flower children, and the politics of the times. I didn’t believe in trashing our veterans then and don’t now. Gas rationing sucked and I sincerely loved my country; so wanting to volunteer for the military was my primary choice. It was also a terrific way to focus on saving money for college. Designing these abstracts helped to keep me mellow.

Playing with it as a hobby over the years; it has evolved into still being a hobby with the hope of selling my designs in various retail possibilities. Limited edition prints; t-shirts; logos for hats. Currently I am working with trying to have my FOD’s applied on assorted fitness clothing such as sweat gear and spandex work out clothing for men and women. At least that is the wish.



Private Collectors, Dealers and Independent Art Contractors welcomed.